White Solo

The work of AK.


About February

"About February"

A coil spring mattress that has lost its bounce,
a transparent plastic sheet, duct tape,
and a rope comprised this makeshift sled.
The inaugurul run was mine, first having been told
you must go headfirst when sledding on a mattress.
I took the hill, barely an incline, but adrenaline still
kicked. An outcropping of snow jerked my joyride to a halt,
not too kindly, scars in this battle for fun. As I struggled
climbing, seeming more and more a mountain, I wondered who
the hell thought a mattress would make a great sled.
The next rider preparing, I stopped, thought, and leaned
backwards into the snow, an angel to create,
the first in years.

Now I sit at my desk with my stereo and my
wet pants, setting my mug of hot chocolate
on the meeting notes for Monday, thinking
that I just did all the things that I used to say
February was all about.


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