White Solo

The work of AK.


Hey boy

Hey boy
- AK (27/7/2006)

Hey boy
Why are you standing there,
just standing?
This club is bumpin'
and you're not making any moves.

Hey boy
I think you're sexy,
so sexy.
If you only shook that ass
you'd have me all your own.

Hey boy
You look so lonely,
oh so lonely.
Did your lover leave you?
Was it your fault?

Hey boy
I can't really be sorry,
sorry you're sore.
But I'm here babe.
You could have me.

Just put on your red shoes
and come dance the blues.


Note on the Men's Room Door

Note on the Men's Room Door
- AK (20/4/2006)

I have a clear view through the doorway
which has kept me entertained this
entire semester. The only thing
I can see is the men's room, but
I would watch as they go in and out,
in and out, in and out,
but today they stop.
They stop and read this note
on the door and seem to forget
why they were there to begin
with. And some forget completely!
I watch as people walking past turn
around to read, letting a note on the
men's room door distract them as they
head back home to relax. The lecture
is suddenly finished and I
head to the men's room, to read. It says
that there is a $2000 reward for information
leading to the discovery of the individuals
who threatened the safety of the gay community,
my safety. But that happened two weeks ago, and
all I can think of is what I could do with $2000.


Show, Don't Tell

Show, Don't Tell
- AK

I asked him to stay. I knew
that he didn't want to,
but he did. And I
nestled into the crook of his
arm, him in three shirts,
jeans, socks -- I made myself
believe everything was okay.
My arm was over him,
the way I liked, but still, I rolled
over, away. I don't know
if his arm was uncomfortable
beneath me, but he rolled over and put his heavy arm
around me. I wish he could have
seen my smile.



About February (Updated)

About February
- AK

You sled headfirst
on a mattress, the experts say.
Who am I to not listen? I thought,
grabbing the rope of this sled,
if you can call it that, at the top
of the hill. The snow ahead
was trackless, waiting for something it had never seen,
could never have expected.
The experts started the ride,
and gaining speed, I looked back
to see how the snow parted.

I dragged the sled up the hill,
learning why a mattress
isn't used more often, and then,
I stopped. I dropped the rope
and fell backwards
making my first snow angel in years.

It was his birthday today, and as I sit here now
in wet pants,
hot chocolate in my cup,
I realize that I just did all the things that I had told him
February was all about.