White Solo

The work of AK.


Writing Myself Into a Box

Writing Myself Into a Box
-AK (16/12/2005)

He clicks the lock,
Sits next to me
Writing myself into a box.

Tonight the bed won't rock
Us into wonderful dreams.
He clicks the lock

To open the world he just cut off.
In the wind he feels free
While I write myself into a box.

Removed from temptation, his cock
Under layers, no intimacy.
He clicks the lock.

He slept in his socks
Forcing me to feel,
To write myself into a box.

He loved first. Why block
now? Make me see.
He clicks the lock.
I'm writing myself into a box.


Boy from Bitburg

"Boy from Bitburg"
-AK (Limerick, written for Andrew on 28 November 2005)

There once was a boy from Bitburg
who ordered the Alpine hamburg.
It wasn't that big,
order the tall cakes he did
and split it with his gentleman caller.